Yewtree Oyster Veneer - 8 x 4 inches approx. 1.5mm Pack of 10 Pieces 39.95

Veneer Type: Yew Oyster Veneer No 132       Approx: 1.5mm thick
We have plenty more sizes in stock please enquire.

Size: Large Size 8 " length 4" Wide
Pack Size:  Pack of 10 Pieces

Quality: Select Quality compact grain
Colour: As per photo

Oyster veneer especially Olive Tree is never flat it is always curved. The best way to use this veneer: We recommend that you dip the oyster veneer into hot water for 5 minutes or more depending how pliable it has become. Put the oyster veneer under a clamp or press to allow all the water to drip out and to flatten it, the longer left the flatter it becomes. Best to leave overnight so it will be dry & flat.

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Price: 39.95

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