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Chess Board 1M SQ. Made In Indian Rosewood,
Mediterranean Olive Tree, And Ebony 2mmThick for special boat.


Oriental marquetry chinese style.


Marquetry pewter & rosewood veneers.


Latest example of Bespoke Marquetry Inlay Banding 20mm wide,
 0.6mm thick,
Indian Rosewood and Maple Veneer.



Marquetry Medallions Compass Star.

Compass Rose and Nautical Medallions for Flooring.
Dia. 750mm made in Oak Walnut and Maple 3mm thick
on 12mm Ply. 
Latest example of Bespoke Marquetry flooring
compass star.

Another example of bespoke geometric marquetry for
Versace flooring using aluminium, Walnut and Black veneers.


Marquetry St George's Room at Lanesborough

London, England.


Specially Commissioned by BECK Interiors, 

for the St George's Room at Lanesborough Hotel, 

London, England.

400 metres of floor-to-ceiling marquetry panels made using European Oak and Black Veneer.
One of the largest marquetry projects ever produced.
Designed by renowned Architect, Alberto Pinto, who was inspired by the original style and design of St George's Room.
We followed through down to the smallest detail, without an error. BECK Interiors were extremely happy with the outcome.
We made the panels using the antique tradition of marquetry, in which we specialise. This is where a professional Scrollsaw Machine is used instead of CNC Lasers.

Photos of the finished room, from our visit in 2016 (below).



Some work-in-progress photos (below). 





A particular skill of Original Marquetry Ltd is the adroitness at the Marquetry 
Reproductions of any Antique & Marquetry Restorations to the highest level.

In addition to our standard range Original Marquetry Ltd can specially commission: Marquetry One Off Designs,
Bespoke Marquetry
Panels, for: Contemporary Marquetry, Classic Marquetry, French Marquetry, English Marquetry,
Interior Designers, Shop Fittings, Furniture Manufacturers, Marine Craft, Clock Makers,
Car Interiors, Cabinet Makers & Aircraft Interiors.

Marquetry Panels for a Private Museum Display

Stand Louis Vuitton London England.

Examples of Fine Marquetry

Details of marquetry made for a large lazy susan round table, Private Client (below).


Fine Mother of Pearl marquetry for a Barometer, Private Client (below, left).
Miniature marquetry of Tarantella Dancer (below, right).


Miniature Village Reproduction, 2016, Private Client (below).

Do you have a Bespoke Project?

For all enquiries regarding Bespoke Marquetry, Marquetry Restorations,
Marquetry Reproductions, Fretwork, Marquetry for Grand Father Clocks,
Logos or any other unique projects, send your project

Ensure your email includes:
• Contact Details, please include a telephone number
• Design/Sketch (do not worry if your design is not clear, as we can revise it in our design studio)
• Info: a few words explaining the project
• Any relevant photos
• Quantity and Dimensions of the Panels
• Material Preference, including veneer type
• Please Note: We can include the following materials in bespoke projects; Brass,
   Mother of Pearl, Abalone and other similar materials.
Please allow 3-5 working days for a quote and estimated delivery lead time for your project.

Marquetry Bespoke

Console Table Panels, Private Client.

Specially commissioned marquetry panels featuring a Chinese
Style Design, measuring 36" x 26" for a console table. 
Made using Amboyna Burr, Boxwood, Rosewood and Maple veneers. 


Panels for a Reception Desk at a

Luxury Hotel in Bath, England.
Marquetry Panels made in Brass & Sapele Veneer (below).

The Hotel Reception Desk as a finished piece (below).

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