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Constructional Wood Veneer

Constructional Wood Veneer, Double Knife Cut Wood Veneers, Skateboard Wood Veneer

Our double knife cut constructional wood veneer is mostly available in 1.5mm and 2.0mm (nominal, unless otherwise stated) thicknesses. These flat and top quality veneers are ideal for projects which require large panels. Please note: most constructional wood veneers cannot be rolled, so please let us know if it can be cut or the minimum length you require.

All our wood veneers are natural and unbacked.

European Oak Constructional Wood Veneer 1.5mm, American Oak Constructional Wood Veneer 2.0mm, Maple Constructional Wood Veneer 1.5mm, English Walnut Constructional Wood Veneer 2.0mm, Oak End Grain Wood Veneer 1.2mm, American Black Walnut Constructional Wood Veneer 2.0mm, American Ash Constructional Wood Veneer 2.0mm, American Cherry Constructional wood Veneer 1.5mm.

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