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Coloured Wood Veneer

Coloured Wood Veneer, Dyed Coloured Wood Veneer, North American Tulipwood Coloured Wood Veneer, Magnolia Coloured Wood Veneer

Original Marquetry Ltd is a distributor of SAS Dyed Wood Veneers. These are top quality dyed coloured wood veneers, which are stained in an alcohol system on 0.6mm thick woods, making them the perfect finishing touch for any colourful project! The dyes penetrate 100% of the wood fibre so are the same colour throughout the whole veneer, even if a small layer is sanded away. Please sand with care, particularly with red and black dyed woods, read more here.

Our selection covers 30 colour variations, available in packs and as single leaves both on coloured magnolia wood veneer and coloured Birdseye maple wood veneer. Coloured wood veneer packs are available in sizes of 8, 10 or 20 leaves. The coloured veneers are also available as very large leaves, please contact us for more info.

Colours include Black, Brown, Purple, Violet, Dark Red, Light Red, Very Dark Green, Dark Green, Medium Green, Light Green, Dark Grey, Medium Grey, Light Grey, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Bright Orange, Orange, Yellow, Hay Yellow, Pink and White.




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