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Fret Saw Blades

Piercing Saw Blades, Fret Saw Blades, Scrollsaw Blades, Fretsaw Blades for use with wood, metal, plastic & mother of pearl.

Our top quality blades are made in Germany from high quality metal, for long life and easy and accurate cutting. All our fret saw blades are plain ended and 130mm long. They are available in packs of 1, 3, 6 and 12. Each pack contains 12 blades and ‘1 Gross’ is 12 packs.

Blade Name Ideal Materials to Cut Features
Niqua Speed Wood Quick-cutting, counter toothing.
Niqua Fix/Pebeco Wood, Horn, Plaster, Synthetic Materials Quick-cutting, no ‘drifting’ of the cut.
Niqua Fix Reverse Wood, Horn, Plaster, Plastic Problem-free cutting of curves, counter-toothing.
Penguin Gold Twist Wood, Horn, Plaster, Plastic Counter-toothing; splinter-free finish.
Niqua Top Cut Intricate Pieces of Wood, Plastics Splinter-free finish.
Gold Snail Metal, Mother of Pearl Precision piercing saw blades.

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