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Niqua Speed Fret Saw Blades

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Niqua Speed Fret Saw Blades

Ideal for quick-cutting of wood. Extremely sharp teeth and a strong back for best performance and long useful lives. Large tooth gaps guarantee a more rapid discharge of sawdust leaving no blue burn marks on the wood in tight radii. Hardened with counter toothing, which prevents splintering on the underside of the wood.

These flat ended blades are all 130mm in length and so suitable for use with:

  • Fretsaw & Piercing Saw Frames, view our full selection here.
  • Fretsaw or scroll saw machines which use saw blade lengths of approximately 130mm.


Sold per individual pack – contains 12 blades. Purchase a Gross (12 packs) to receive a discount! The discount is automatically applied to your basket. Applies to 1 or more grosses. 

See the description below for a guide to choosing your blade and the blade spec.

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A Guide to Choosing Blades


Blade Specification
Blade No. Dimensions
(H x W x L)
(Teeth Per Inch)
2/0 0.21 x 0.68 x 130mm 38
1 0.30 x 0.77 x 130mm 38
3 0.34 x 0.90 x 130mm 33
5 0.38 x 0.93 x 130mm 33
7 0.42 x 1.10 x 130mm 25
9 0.46 x 1.35 x 130mm 20
12 0.52 x 1.70 x 130mm 18

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