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Niqua Fix/Pebeco Fret Saw Blades

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Niqua Fix/Pebeco Fret Saw Blades

Quick-cutting plain ended blades. Ideal for wood, horn, synthetic materials and plaster. They have an exceptional cutting speed in an aggressive cut due to the positive cutting angle of their teeth. There is no ‘drifting’ of the cut. Long useful lives due to special hardening in oil.

These flat ended blades are all 130mm in length and so suitable for use with:

See the description below for a guide to choosing your blade and the blade spec. Each pack contains 12 blades and ‘1 Gross’ is 12 packs.

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A Guide to Choosing Blades


Blade Specification
Blade No.Dimensions
(H x W x L)
(Teeth Per Inch)
3/00.21 x 0.60 x 130mm30
2/00.25 x 0.58 x 130mm30
00.28 x 0.65 x 130mm28
10.30 x 0.77 x 130mm25
20.32 x 0.85 x 130mm23
30.34 x 0.80 x 130mm20
40.36 x 0.96 x 130mm17
50.39 x 1.03 x 130mm17
60.42 x 1.10 x 130mm14
80.46 x 1.35 x 130mm14
100.50 x 1.60 x 130mm13
120.55 x 1.80 x 130mm13

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