Super Shellac Sealer 500ml, Super Transparent Polish 500ml, Super Wax Light Polish 500ml, Super Black Polish 500ml, Super Fine Steel Wool (0000) THIS CANNOT BE SENT OVERSEAS

Polishing Kit  with Guide As Per PHOTO
The Easy Method

Polishing Kit The Easy Method With A Great Result.
Sand the veneer in stages, working with the grain where possible.
Using a 240 Grit high quality sand paper to finish your veneered piece.
Ensure all areas to be coated are free from grease and are sanded prior to application.
1... Sand Your Finished Piece
2... Apply Super Shellac Sealer 2 or 3 Coats with a cloth
3... Let The Coats Dry, Then Rub Down with Fine Steel Wool.
4... Apply Super Transparent Polish 2 or 3 Coats.
5... Once Dry Rub Down Using The Fine Steel Wool.
6... Apply Super Wax Light Polish Using A cloth with A Generous
Amount Of Super Wax Polish.
7... Buff With A Woollen Cloth.
The More Coated You Apply The More Shine It Gives

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