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Brass Piano Hinges

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Brass Piano Hinge

This item may have small imperfections beneath the polishing which are not very noticeable. However, it may not be for you if you are very fussy.

Please choose a size to view its individual photo and further product information, such as if sold individually or per pair, and how many screw holes per side. The product code is shown in brackets.

  • Material: Solid Brass
  • Thickness: 0.5mm


Not quite the right size?

See the description below for our full range of piano hinges.

SKU: H01 - H15 Category:
Not quite the right size?

Click here to view HP1 to HP6, these are listed separately.

Product Code Length x Open Width Holes per Side Product Code Length x Open Width Holes per Side
H01 40 x 10mm 3 H11 180 x 13mm 4
H02 50 x 10mm 3 H12 200 x 13mm 5
H03 70 x 10mm 3 H13 210 x 13mm 5
H04 35 x 13mm 3 H14 80 x 13mm 3
H05 35 x 13mm 2 H15 140 x 10mm 4
H06 60 x 13mm 3 HP1 500 x 18mm 10
H07 100 x 13mm 3 HP2 300 x 18mm 7
H08 120 x 13mm 3 HP3 450 x 13mm 9
H09 140 x 13mm 4 HP4 300 x 13mm 6
H10 160 x 13mm 4 HP5 240 x 13mm 5
HP6 250 x 10mm 5

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