Marquetry Kits Buyers Guide

Our marquetry kits are available in 5 types and with plenty of designs to choose from. All our kits include the items listed under ‘Basics’. Then, depending on your kit type, it also includes what’s listed under ‘Extras’.


Design Template
MDF Board
Mixed Wood Veneer Pack (with list)
Balance Wood Veneer
Crossbanding Pack (edge wood veneer & boxwood flat lines)
Carbon Paper (1 A4 Sheet)

Please note, our kits do not come with a guide stating where the wood veneers go, or in what direction.

This is left entirely to the hobbyist’s imagination.

The design template is shaded to help identify the light and dark areas.

Balance Wood Veneer: This covers the back of the MDF board. It’s important to “balance” the panel by veneering both sides of the MDF board. This helps everything stay flat and prevent warping while the glue dries. If one side of a panel is left bare, it can warp over time as it will absorb moisture from the air at a different speed than the veneered side.

Crossbanding Pack: This contains the edge wood veneer and boxwood flat lines which are to be used to frame the picture by covering outer edges of the picture, as well as the thickness of the MDF board to create a border/picture frame.

Carbon Paper: This can be used to transfer the design to the wood veneer. Alternatively, tracing paper also works well.


What do the Extras look like?

Marquetry Craft Knife
Marquetry Craft Knife Set
Cutting Mat (image shows all sizes, kits include A3 only)
Headband Magnifier
Deluxe Headband Magnifier
Premium Headband Magnifier


Each kit is available in 11 designs. The “starred” ★ designs are simpler and ideal for beginners.

The Countryside ★
The Lake House ★
The Mountains ★
The River ★
The Ski Lodge ★
The Beach
The Church
The Coast
The Cottage
The Port
The Villa

What different items are included in each kit type?

Kit 1Kit 2Kit 3Kit 4Kit 5
Marquetry Craft Knife
Marquetry Craft Knife Set
A3 Cutting Mat
Headband Magnifier
Deluxe Headband Magnifier
Premium Headband Magnifier

Other Useful Tools

Below, we have listed some other useful tools which you may need. Please note, some of these items may already be included in some of our kit types.

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